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Plasma&gas cutting


Plasma&gas cutting is a complementary service of the offer of laser cutting, which is dedicate mainly for the processing of thinner sheet metals. In order to provide the best quality and the wide range of thickness we bought the best cutters on the market. 

Your orders are prepared with using the specialized software, which allows us to obtain the optimal set of details on the sheet and decrease the amount of culls. 


Our possiblities:

  • the maximal sheet’s size: 2x3 meters 
  • the maximal thickness of the elements from the black steel- 150 mm 

 We provide our clients the following things: 

  • the lowest prices 
  • short periods of realization 
  • great precision of the cutting and repeatability of shape of the details
  • the possibility of fulfilling the order by your own material or from our warehouse of the sheet metals


The basic advantages of plasma&gas cutting:
  • low costs of the cutting
  • without chamfered edges
  • the possibility of cutting any shapes
  • smooth and clean cutting surface


New complementary service:

Thanks to installation of specialized machine for surface processing, the elements after laser cutting we automatically may be the subject of the following processes: 

- deburring

- flash removal 

- rounding the edges

- grinding

Every time the price of performing the cutting service is pitched after shuffling through the technical documentation of the detail. In order to cut off the turnaround time, we ask our clients about delivering the documentation as *.dwg, *.dxf or*.geo files in 1:1 scale. 

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