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CNC Turning
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MIDEST Expo - Paris 2014

Please visit our booth on Midest Exhibition in Paris, from 4-th up to 7-th of November.

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CNC Turning

We specialize in repetition work of elements and units with the application of the latest technologies and CNC devices. 

Our stock of machines embraces modern machine tools, which are numerically controlled: universal chuckers, centher lathes machines as well as vertical chuckers.

Great versatility of the machines allow us to undertake the production of elements characterized by different shapes and dimensions- range from small, simple details to big, heavy, complicated shapes.

The various park of conventional machines is a complement of CNC machine tools and gives a possibility of producing the single details or prototypes.


We turn the following materials:

  • carbon steel,
  • grey cast and nodular cast iron,
  • alloy steel,,
  • stainless steel,,
  • aluminum alloys,
  • brass,
  • polymers



Our possibilities:

  • CNC turning

Diameter of the turning to 600 mm

Length of the turning to 550 mm

  • Conventional turining

Diameter of the turning to 900 mm

Length of the turning to 3000 mm

Our machines:

  • Gildemeister CTX 400 
  • TZC 32N
  • Doosan PUMA 280
  • Doosan PUMA GT2100
  • Doosan PUMA GT2100 + barloader 65mm


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